Gift of life (Hardbound coloured edition ) By P Lal


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This book is about life and matters connected therewith. It’s in two parts. Part A is regarding ‘concepts’ and Part B regarding ‘ practice’.

It covers, among other things, the mysteries of life- how did it originate and what is its purpose?

What happens after we are no more? Do we take birth again? True accounts of reincarnation from all over the world are there in the book.

Are there souls? How much does a soul weigh? And where does it reside in the body? Do animals and plants have souls?

Is there a God? If so, why can’t we perceive Him?

What are the limitations on our senses to perceive the world? Are these limitations preventing us from realising God? Then, how did the sages of yore could get a glimpse of Him?

How many states of consciousness are there? And how to achieve them ? Can Yoga help one achieve higher levels of consciousness? Can Patanjali’s eight-limb ( ashtang) Yoga regime lead to the accomplishment of the objectives of life?

Why can’t some people sleep well? Why dreams are important for good health? Accounts of dreams leading to important inventions and those of prophetic? dreams have been incorporated in the book.

Near-death-experiences and out-of-body-experiences. What are they? True accounts of some of these are there to read in the book.

Visits of aliens to the Earth in the past! Unidentified Flying Objects ( UFOs) and their real pictures.

Panspermia – life dispersed from outer space!

Pursuit of Happiness, Pursuit of Health and Cultivation of Scientific Temper in Part B of the book with practical tips.

Scientific and religious takes on all these and much more.


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